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Lavender Essential Oil

Organic Essential Oils

We will be very happy to meet you!


Feel free to visit us at our shop in Cucuron, we are there nearly all the time! In June and July, the lavandins are in bloom...

The place is open everyday from 3 to 6.30 pm.

Out of these hours or in case we are not there, please call +33 (0) 6 80 12 19 99.


To find us, from Cucuron, take the direction of Ansouis - Pertuis (D56), take the 1st road on the Right (Chemin de L' Agrie),

then to the left (Chemin de Saint Martin), and 1st dirt track on your left. 


GPS: Lat: 43.761401  Long: 5.447894 

In Provence, at the southern foot of the Luberon, we produce Lavender and Lavandin Essential Oil, lavender honey,

and black truffle.


The Lavandin Essential Oil is obtained through traditional steam distillation,it is pure and natural.


Provence's symbolic and traditional product, it is known and used for a very long time for its numerous qualities and properties.


Its familiar scent is reminiscent of a sunny summer day in the South, the song of the cicadas, a landscape of regular blue waves as far as the eye can see...


The generous nature of our region gives us a simple and natural product, well-being and relaxation condensed in a bottle.


Only a few drops are enough for many uses, and it has always been conservatives, coloring agents and additive-free.


  Simple and pure flower extract!


The natural hybridization of the true lavender and the wild lavender gave rise to lavandins,

richer in essential oil, and which characteristics are close to those of their parents.


There are several kinds of lavandins, the most used is the Grosso, it is the one that we grow.


Aromatic and medicinal plant, it is undemanding and grows in the dry zones of Southern France,

and it is able to withstand our hot and dry summers.

The method is simple: we let nature run its course at its pace in the respect for the land,

that's how we can harvest an authentic product.


Lavender and lavendin are very attractive for our friends the bees, and help in their preservation in the area.


The name Lavender comes from the Latin lavare: to wash. The lavender is known since the year 100.

Its distillation in Europe began around the XVI th century, it was used in the bathwater and for the laundry.


With a more camphorated, less subtle scent than the essential oil of True Lavender,

lavendin still keeps a well marked 'lavender' note.


Traditionally used for a very long time for many uses,

lavender and lavendin are effective not only in aromatherapy and for hygiene care,

but as well for laundry and cleaning,

and even for cooking!



Organic soap

Organic lavender honey

Our Lavandin Honey is Organic certified. Its taste is delicate, sweet and well flavoured.

It is said to have many qualities, good for the foodies!

Organic aromatic plants syrups

Just to quench thirst, and a source of inspiration in cooking as well... 

Homemade, no colouring agents.

Flavors: Lavendin, Thyme, Rosemary, Savory, Mint, Myrtle, Verbena, Anisette

Linseed  Cushion

la provence en bouteille lavandin loose dried flowers

The linseed cushion spreads a soft and soothing heat. Helpful for relaxation, it is perfect against cold hand or feet.

 Slipped into the bed it can be used as a hot water bottle.

Its removable cover is made of cotton.

Sprinkled with a few drops of Lavendin Essential oil, it will naturally diffuse its benefits.
It can as well be used cooled, for the refreshing effects of a cold compress.         

Lavender bags


Organdi bag, gently fragrances wardrobes, cars, suitcases, naturally repels moths.


Lavender cushions

Solar Light

la provence en bouteille lavandin loose dried flowers

It stores solar energy in the sun and releases light at night.

Provencal sunshine in a bottle! 

An unusual souvenir from Provence.

Personalise your jar to your heart's desire: fill it with dried [lavender] flowers, pebbles....
         Unscrew the lid and use your imagination!