La Provence en Bouteille

Taking care of home and linen

The Lavandin Essential Oil is very concentrated, only a few drops are enough for perfect results.

 Spraying it in your favourite room will scent and clean up the atmosphere.

It is not oily, it scents linen without staining it.

And without coloring agents, without conservatives, without additives!

In the linen Cupboards

. A few drops on a piece of cotton, a piece of wood or a pebble to be placed in your wardrobes will keep away moths and give a pleasant smell to your linen. You can as well place a bag of dried flowers of Lavandin, to be refreshed from time to time with a few drops of Lavandin Essential Oil.

. Moths: 10 drops of Lavandin Essential Oil combined with 10 drops of Cedar Essential Oil. Add a few drops around every 20 days.

In the shoes

. Put 1 tablespoon of baking soda  in a sock, add 5 drops of Lavandin Essential Oil, close by a knot and place inside one of your shoes. Repeat the operation for the 2nd shoe. 

Refill with a few drops from time to time.

Fabric Conditioner

. In a bottle, mix 50 cl of spirit vinegar, 50 cl of water and 3 cl (2 tablespoons) of vegetable glycerin.

. If you wish to perfume your conditioner (it's better!), add 10 to 20 drops of the Essential Oil of your choice [lavandin for example]

. To use the fabric conditioner: Add 1 usual measure of conditioner (1 small glass or 4 tablespoons or 12 cl) in the dedicated compartment of your washing machine.

In the Tumble-Dryer

. A few drops directly in the tumbler while drying to clean up and freshen the linen. 

Reminder: Essential Oils are not oily, they do not stain the linen!


A few drops on the doormats, and the pleasant smell will spread at each walking in.

Protecting the wood

. Wipe your furniture with a cloth soaked with Lavandin Essential Oil from time to time to protect them against insects.


. To polish furniture: Add 10 to 15 drops of Lavandin Essential Oil to 125 ml of olive oil or sweet almond oil.

Air Freshener 

. Taking a walk in the Luberon, look for porous stones. Once cleaned and dried, sprinkle each of them with 2-3 drops of Lavandin Essential Oil.

Place in a nice cup and refill with a few drops approximately every 10 days.

. You can as well place 150 to 300 g of table salt sprinkled with 20 to 30 drops of the Essential Oil of your choice [Lavandin] in a nice cup.

Vacuum cleaner 

. Soak a cotton ball with 10 drops of Lavandin Essential Oil and draw it with the machine: the vacuum cleaner will diffuse the fragrance and the cleaning properties!

. Otherwise you can put a few drops directly on the filter of the vacuum cleaner.

Fabric Softener

. In a 1 l bottle of spirit vinegar, add 30 drops of Lavandin Essential Oil.

Shake slightly before use, add 1 usual measure of softener (1 small glass) in the dedicated compartment of your washing machine.

. You can do without vinegar if the water is not too hard, in that case a few drops directly in the tumbler or in the dedicated compartment of the washing machine will be enough to soften and clean up the linen.

Multipurpose Cleaner

. In a spray bottle, put 50 cl of spirit vinegar, 10 drops of Lavandin Essential Oil and 5 drops of  Lemon Essential Oil. 


Do not use on marble.

Glass cleaner

. In a spray bottle, mix 50 cl of spirit vinegar, 25 cl of water, 15 drops of Lavandin Essential Oil.

To be used as the usual glass cleaners.

Natural, Efficient, and insect repellent!


A few drops on the pet mat will keep fleas and ticks away.

     Sources: Internet: et bibliographie: La lavande c'est malin,D. Festy et C. Dupin, éditions Quotidien Malin. 100 Réflexes aromathérapie, D. Festy, éditions Leduc. S poche

Feel free to visit us in Cucuron, at the place of production, we are there nearly all the time! In June and July, the lavandins will be in bloom!

We sell our produce directly. Or by email:

Or if you wish to call us: +33 6 80 12 19 99. 


We are open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 3 to 6.30 pm. Out of these hours or in case we are not here, please call us +33 (0) 6 80 12 19 99.

To come to our place, from Cucuron, take the direction of Ansouis - Pertuis (D56), take the 1st road on the right (Chemin de L' Agrie), then to the left (Chemin de Saint Martin), and finally 1st dirt track on your left. 


GPS Coordinates: Lat: 43.761401  Long: 5.447894 

    Our produce are as well at:

CUCURON: Spar, Cours de Pourrières.   Oliversion, Chemin de Galon.   Le Moulin à Vent, Chemin de Gastoule.

  Maisons d'Amis, Chemin de L'Agrie.  Bar de L'Etang, Place de l'Etang.

ANSOUIS: Vival, Place St Elzéar.   VAUGINES: Le café de la Fontaine, Place de la Fontaine.   Fred Touch.

LOURMARIN: Ambiance Bio, 17 rue du Temple.   Vival, Place du Clos.  LA MOTTE D'AIGUES: Vival, L'Arcade.

DRAGUIGNAN: Gammvert, Boulevard Saint Exupéry.       

CADENET: Bastide du Laval , Chemin de la Royère.   Le Panier d'Albann, 17, Place du Tambour d'Arcole.

VILLELAURE: L'Oustaou du Luberon.     SANNES: Le Panier en Luberon, Route de La Bonde.

AIX EN PROVENCE: Vival, Cours d'Orbitelle. BRIGNOLES: GammVert, Quartier St Jean

LE PARADOU: Spar, Avenue Jean Bessat.  MAUSSANE LES ALPILLES: Spar, Avenue de la Vallée des Baux.

FONTVIEILLE: Spar, Place des Halles. SAINT MARTIN DE CRAU: Vival, Avenue de la République.

GENEVE:  .Duo sur Canapé, 10, rue Verdaine. LA ROQUE D'ANTHERON: L'Autre Conserverie, 8, Rue du Poilu.